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  • Circle of Bees

    To protect and expand beekeeping culture and pollinator habitat in places where people live Circle of Bees is not-for-profit network of beekeepers and hosts: we put bee hives in backyards. We are also building a member network for local action in support of bee-friendly legislationg. Membership is free, web-based, and built on the idea of local hubs of active beekeeping community.

  • The Pilot

    A hyperlocal alternative art micropublication and small town newspaper. The Pilot is a true pilot of a thoroughly experimental model of local publishing. Based on a clever reworking of traditional media models of publishing with the best of new Internet tech, The Pilot is a completely rethinking of the problems of distribution and intelligent entertainment in the Internet age. The Pilot produces a monthly printed poster pasted around town concurrent with each web based issue, and derives revenue from a unique advertising system.

  • MAIA / Musical Intelligence Company / FreshJam

    An browser based music composer and A.I. interface, FreshJam is the flagship of MAIA / Musical Intelligence Company, and developer of musical algorithms and interfaces.

  • Local Peddler

    A web application for managing bike based local food purchase/distribution/delivery systems. Currently in prototype phase, the Local Peddler database system is a conceptual framework and API for managing deliverables and returnables in any number of local, homegrown distribution ecosystems.

  • Raw Power Apiary

    A distributed apiary and commercial beekeeping operation, Raw Power Apiary is building sustainable organic beekeeping business from the ground up based on solid principles of permaculture, and a modified version of a very old and reliable hive design.

  • Deathly Meadery

    A fermentor and purveyor of ultrafine mead and mead based beverages, Deathly Meadery is developing a solar powered, earth cooled meadery.

  • Divine Salvage/Blackened Factory

    A tech managed salvage, inventory, and reconstitution factory, at present primarily focused on building beehives from found wood and materials, and with a goal of providing a hub for local materials recovery and reuse.

  • Ping Pong Underworld

    Web based application for interactive gaming around a ping pong system, the Ping Pong Underworld is built on the idea that new games can be invented, shared, and participated in via the web, but based on old/traditional game systems. Our prototype is built around a game called Ping Pong, and inspired by a game called just Pong.

  • Charmnodyn Corporation

    An evil designer of Art Media and Interface, and the parent company and tech platform progenitor for a collection of ventures and initiatives. Charmnodyn was founded in Baltimore MD as a tech company with an interest in building local systems composed of old and new tech, to facilitate sustainable progress.

  • Contract work

    Bob @ Times Square
    UC Davis: design and implementation of a unified CMS system
    UC Davis Medical Center: web campaign development and consulting
    UC Davis Extension: database programming/consulting
    Eisele Construction: web application development
    The Pepper Peddler: system design and application dev
    The City Paper of Baltimore: Backend development and UI design
    Furbish Company: web development/consulting
    The Gefilte Fish Chronicles: a loving memoir

History A culture of pure evil incarnate ...

Charmnodyn primarily focuses on local, sustainable, and permacultural projects by developing art, media, and interface towards a vision of a balance between new and old tech: in other words, evil.

Some of our projects include a local experimental newspaper, a not-for-profit urban apiary network, and a high tech ping pong hall.

The Charmnodyn tag line is “Pure Evil”, and our mission is to “Do pure evil, all the time”. We consider evil to be something of an artform, and so please proceed to read more about our history and philosophy.

Founded in 2005 as “Charm City Graphics” in Baltimore MD, Charmnodyn Company realized that we hated doing graphic work and web design for clients, and spent some time in the wilderness of post art-school decrepitude working for newspapers and trying to figure out what to with our talents.

In 2008 we rebranded as “Charmnodyn”, a name which rang of the heroic evil in the corporate decades of the 80’s and 90’s, but with a charming, happy-sounding twist. (Charmnodyn is also a portmanteau word that reminds us of our Grandmother.)

Charmnodyn’s primary interest has always been “Art, Media, and Interface”, but we refined our scope to focus on concepts of locality and sustainability, both to satisfy our appetite and conscience, and because it made smart business sense.

We planned to develop uix and web media for the slow culture movement - that seemed like our speed. But we miscalculated: Many of the companies that we longed to design for, did not exist. Many that did exist could not afford a design firm of our caliber, and some were not worthy of us.

At some point in this secondary reformation period, Charmnodyn realized that it’s corporeal soul needed to compete in the bad old world real business, and so dedicated it’s soul to pure evil. Don’t ask us how or when the transformation took, as most of those details are sacrosanct.

With renewed unholy vigor, we decided in order to create the interfaces and projects we wanted, we would have to design the companies that we envisioned needing our services from scratch. So we set out to do just that. Meanwhile we needed to pay our bills, and so we did things, terrible things!

Contact Should you need to get in touch ...

Christian Coulon


Phone: 510 400 8443